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"Yes, I'm gonna be a star......."

Well, not me, (really good thing, there. I'd be breaking TV's all over!) but the Time Machine DID appear on television. A couple of years ago she developed a problem with the trans. It would sometimes grind going into 5th, and it would sometimes pop out of 5th. Well, I talked to a lot of folks who gave me answers as diverse (and silly) as:

1)  Transmission mount loose

2)  Dirt in between the trans and bell housing

3)  " You should double clutch that car"

And so on and so forth. I must admit that one of Crystal's co-workers said that the syncros might be damaged. Well anyway, back in early 2004 I ran across the DIY network on cable. A good network with lots of stuff on many subjects. On their website, there was a "email your question" link so I did. And waited.......and waited.........and waited........and then I forgot about it.

  Then about September, 2004 I get a phone call at work from them. They saw the email, and decided that they'd like to answer it on their show "Talk to DIY Automotive" (no longer in production). COOL! Originally, they wanted to record me talking to the hosts right then, but I couldn't because I WAS at  work, and my employer at the time had no sense of humor. The producer I was talking to said "OK, how about I call you at home and we'll record a "voice mail" for them to answer on a later episode?" I figure, sure! So that happened later in the  week, and they also asked for a couple of photos of the T/A to appear on the show. So I sent the pics, recorded the voice mail, and the show aired on May 28, 2005.

When the show aired I was a bit surprised they took as much time as they did. I got a good 2-3 minutes of air time. My "voice mail" was used in the segment, as were my photos. And yes, they believe that it IS the syncros.  

And to quote Lauren Fix, one of the shows hosts, "That's a beautiful car, I'll bet you enjoy driving it".

Yes, it is, and yes I do!

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