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Bodywork Photo Gallery

Some of the necessary bodywork needed to repair the accident damage...


The so-called "pristine" front bumper cover I got off of ebay


Scuffed rear cover being repaired


In the middle of blocking...


  Trunk lid; this had 3 different colors on it. stripped down.


Door being repaired


Even the new fender needed work. (tweaking to match countours)

Quarterpanel work


Body Repair Notes

The basic body repairs were fairly extensive, although I did not at first anticipate this. The passenger side scrapes/dents were the reason I started this whole project; but I was unaware of the severity of the broken front fender extensions, and I had no idea the trunk lid had been repainted more than once before, necessitating a complete stripping down of said part. Thankfully, this was a completely solid car, structurally speaking. The only rust I found was some surface rust under the ground FX on the driver side, and some under the car on the screws that attach the heat shields in place. Very lucky, there. The nose was one of those ebay deals, unfortunately. I had been searching for a good non-broken one for 4 months, and finally one described as "pristine" came available and I managed to get it. When it arrived, it seemed fine, but had obviously been the subject of a poor repaint job. So, I started to strip the paint off. This revealed a poorly-repaired hole in the middle-passenger side of the nose. I took a couple of days to research how to repair a urethane bumper cover, and did it myself. The repair is invisible, and I suspect it will remain so.

More to come...


28 Feb 2011 09:10:44

Body Modifications