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In the course of working on time Machine, I have found 2 documents that verify the car's type and trim level. Why is this important? It really isn't since I'm not restoring the car, and even if I WAS doing a clone, I'd say so, but there are those who don't believe when you tell them something, or build something. So for that (admittedly small) group of individuals, I present undisputable  evidence that how I describe the car is the fact. Please excuse the somewhat fuzzy quality of the phots. When I compressed them to display on the site, the process blurred the pics more than I would have liked.

This is the Trim sheet (found under the rear seat), below it is the SPID (Special Parts Identification) which lists all options GM put on the car.

This is the SPID enlarged. The question came up on if convertibles could have WS6 suspension. 1st column on left, 4 below the VIN is the answer. (BTW, this picture has been enhanced digitally to make the codes as easy to read as possible)

Also, there were at least 5 other convertible SPID's shown at with the same WS6 notation. This should put to rest any more questions regarding this.


Vin/option codes